Internet Dating


We are a new San Francisco based company dedicated to making online dating easy, safe and affordable for you. It is your chance to meet new people in the most private and comfortable place; your own home! This way, you are always in control and you always have the opportunity to learn about someone before you meet them.

If you are like most people out there, you are tired of the high prices and blind dates that come along with newspaper personals. With our system, you can browse through hundreds of great profiles FOR FREE, and see what your potential date looks like. You can also find out what his or her interests are.


Some of us are shy. We provide a way to meet without embarrassment.
Some of us do not like the bar scene or are too busy to go to bars or clubs. We make it easy and convenient to meet great people without leaving your house.
Some of us want to see a picture of who we are meeting, before going out. We let you do that. Most profiles will have current pictures.
Some Internet dating websites are hard to use. Ours is easy...and most of all it's fun!


Unlike others who give out your e-mail address and/or home address, we do not. We subscribe to the highest form of confidentiality. WE DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION TO ANYONE. (see our profile form) We post your profile which contains your (first/nickname, age, gender, etc.) Any member can be contacted by using our internal email or messenger service.  This service is provided to any registered member.  Only members can message each other.   They never see any of your private information. You can then decide how and if you want to respond.

HOW DOES OUR SERVICE GET YOU DATES? We offer you two ways to meet new people:

The Passive Search--Put your picture in our data base, giving millions of people access to your file. Then just relax and see who decides to contact you.


The Active Search--If you decide to actively pursue someone, we will give you FREE access to our data base of hundreds of attractive people. You can browse through it to your hearts content. You are only charged if you choose to respond to an ad.

There are several options for contacting each other:
What is a "Flirt" and how do I send one to a user?
Answer: A Flirt is a "Wink", "Smile", or "Let's Chat" message that is a quick and short way to show another user that you are interested. The users will be notified that you have sent the a flirt.  They can then log in to find out who sent it.
Using your Mailbox
Answer: Using the the internal mail system is easy. The system will only send mail to usernames on the system and not to external email accounts outside of the system. When a user receives new mail, a notification message that is sent to their primary email account, to notify them of a new message waiting for them on the system.  This is the best way to contact users that are not currently online.
Instant Messaging
Answer: Our Instant messaging service provides instant contact with other users in our system.  Its meant for a quick instant chat session. This is the best way to contact users that are online.  You can leave our messaging service on while you visit out internet sites by leaving your messenger open.

Site Navigation Features

Can I search for a specific user name?
Answer: Yes. You can can search by using the Search feature and clicking the Member Name tab. Type in the user name and it will display their profile.

  • What is a "Keyword" search?
    Answer: Keyword Search allows you to search all user profiles that contain a specific word you choose.

  • What is the "Favorites" feature?
    Answer: You can add all of your favorite users and friends to this list. You can add a user to this list by clicking on the Add/Remove From Favorites icon on any user profile. Clicking it once will add them.. click it again to remove them from the list.
  • What is the "Profile Views" feature?
    Answer: Profile Views page is when you can see the last 10 users have viewed your profile.
  • Account Info (changes can be made after you have logged into your account)

    • Can I have multiple accounts?
      Answer: No. Members are not allowed to have multiple accounts on the system.

    • Can I change my username?
      Answer: No. We do not allow users to change their username.

    • How do I change my password?
      Answer: You can change your password on the Account Info page.

    • Can I change my "User Type"?
      Answer: Yes. You can change your User Type on the Account Info page.

    • Can I change my location?
      Answer: Yes. You can update your location (City/State) by changing your Zipcode on the Account Info page.

    • What if I forgot my username or password?
      Answer: If you have forgot your username or password you can have it emailed to you by clicking on the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the login page, enter your email address.. and it will be mailed to you!

    • How do I change my email address?
      Answer: You may change your email address by going to Account Info page.

    • How can I cancel my account?
      Answer: You can email to cancel your account. But keep in mind that once we cancel your account and username during an active membership, we cannot reactivate it. We recommend that you delete your photos and profile info only.. in case you decide to come back at any time.

    User Photos (Photos will get you better results (guaranteed!!!)

    • How do I upload my Photos?
      Answer: User photos are uploaded by going to the Photos page. You may only upload pictures with a .JPG extension. If you have a photo in another Windows file format and are a paying member, you can email, and we will convert it for you, and mail it back.

    • What is my "Primary Photo"?
      Answer: Your Primary Photo is the photo that will be displayed on your profile when users view "Who's Online" and also in the Messenger chat window. To make any of your photos Primary, click the tiny Primary Photo icon next to any of your pictures on the Photo Page.

    • What kind of photos can I have, and are there content restrictions for User Photos?
      Answer: You can have any photos that are of yourself and partner. The pictures may not contain nudity and must meet our standards. They may NOT contain any advertisments, copyrighted material, website URL's, fisting, minors, scat or anything illegal.

    • How many user photos can I have?
      Answer: You can have up to 5 user photos!

    • How do I delete a user photo I no longer want?
      Answer: To delete any photo, click on the trashcan icon next to the photo you wish to delete.

    • I don't have a digital camera how do I scan my photos?
      Answer: We will scan your photos, Important: when sending photos you must include your username that you signed up with. 
      Send photos to P.O. Box 472170, San Francisco, Ca 94147.  (note photos will not be returned unless you provide a SASE)
      or y
      ou can check your local copy center, or retail photo outlet for photo a scanning service.

    • What if my photos are not .JPG format?
      Answer: If you do not have a photo as a .JPG. There are alot of photo programs that will let you "export" or "save as" a .JPG. If you have a .BMP or .GIF you can email them to us and we can convert them for you if you are a paying member. email:

    Other Great Features:

    Instant Messenger

    • How do I Add/Delete a user to my Buddy List?
      Answer: You can add a user to your messenger by going to the Manage drop down menu and choose Add Favorite, enter the Screen Name of the user you would like to add then click the Add Favorite button. To remove a user from your list click the trash can icon next to the username you wish to remove.

    • How do I Add/Delete a Group?
      Answer: You can add a Group to your messenger by going to the Manage drop down menu and choose Add Group, enter the Group Name you would like to add then click the Add Group button. To remove a Group from your list click the trash can icon next to the Group Name you wish to remove. Note: You must add users to that group before the group will be seen on your messenger.

    • How do I change my Online Status?
      Answer: You can change you Online Status by going to the Status drop down menu and selecting: Online , Hidden, or Away. You can also make a custom Away Message by going to the Tools menu and selecting Away Message.

    • How do I Block/Unblock another user?
      Answer: You can Block a user from sending you an Instant Message by selecting Tools, then Blocked List, and then type the name of the user you wish to block. If you want to Unblock the user, click the Blocked Icon next to the username of the person you want to Unblock.

    • How can I change my privacy settings?
      Answer: You can change your privacy settings by going to the Tools menu and selecting Privacy Settings. Choose the configuration you want and click Update Settings.

    • How do I manually "refresh" the messenger?
      Answer: You can manually refresh the messenger by going to the manage drop down list and clicking on Refresh List.


    • Why am I having problems logging in?
      Answer: You might have problems logging in due to network traffic or your ISP. Sometimes reloading the browser, rebooting your computer, or waiting a few minutes is all it takes. Also, make sure you are typing in the username and password correctly.

    • Why can I not view any more profiles as a trial member?
      Answer: As a trial member you are limited to 10 profile views. You must become a paying member to view any more profiles.